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    Why Struggle with what to wear when I can help you :
    • Dress appropriately and feel fantastic no matter your age or size.
    • Choose clothes to suit your personality, body shape and colouring.
    • Create a wardrobe that is a haven of inspiration and not a hated room of frustration.
    • Cut you're shopping time down and lose the feeling of overwhelm.

    Personal Stylist Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast.
    and now official stylists for Chadstone - The Fashion Capital

    Our Diverse Range of Clientele.

    Our Clients are men and women from all walks of life, stay at home mum's to executives looking to take the next career step, from farmers to lawyers to entertainers and they all vary in age, shape, size and lifestyles.

    They all seek the help of our personal stylist services for a diverse range of problems and frustrations ranging from:-

    • Being plagued with feelings of being frumpy, looking mumsy or dowdy which sometimes leaves them embarrassed to leave the house.
    • Some avoid attending special occasions simply because they can't find anything to wear or feel good wearing.
    • Get confused and frustrated with what to wear and find it hard to tell what looks good on them even when they have a wardrobe full of clothes.
    • They have no idea on how to dress with a sense of style to compliment their body shape.
    • Or they are unsure about what to wear as they age and consistently worry about dressing too old or too young and wish they knew how to look younger without feeling they look ridiculous.
    • Many feel lost and confused about their overall appearance and tragically loose their sense of self and the confidence with clothing choices.
    • Some of them have lost confidence to just believe in themselves and it has filtered down into every aspect of their life which then affects their self esteem to the point that they feel uncomfortable to try anything new.
    • Or they have just become lazy in dressing and looking after their appearance and find they wear the same old things.
    • Some get stressed every time they think about going shopping and get overwhelmed at the thought of it.
    • Many have no inspiration when they shop and walk around trying on things that do not suit and get frustrated and go home empty handed or buy out of desperation.
    • And some spend far too much money on clothes that they never wear.

    Plus a whole host of other issues. If you have similar thoughts then the good news is that you don't have to suffer any longer and you don't need to be a fashionista to look great and feel fantastic.


    A Style with Cindy Personal Stylist will show you.....

    • What clothes to buy that suit your body shape.
    • How to dress appropriately for your age group while still looking young and stylish.
    • What to wear for any occasion.
    • What goes with what in your wardrobe
    • How to build your self confidence in social and business settings through what you wear.
    • How to spend less but have more to wear.
    • What to buy and where to buy it.

    This is just an example of the many benefits that personal stylist Cindy Newstead and her team of personal stylists successfully teach their clients everyday.

    Hi Cindy,

    Georgina here. It has been two weeks since our day together and I can honestly say I have received a compliment every single day since from family, friends and all the mums at school/kinder. I am not used to this and it has done wonders for my self esteem and confidence.

    I so lacked confidence with my looks, body image and style. It was a terrific 40th birthday present. Since you have taught me the styles that fit me, I now have the confidence to shop on my own.

    The little tricks of the trade have been most valuable. I now no longer feel like a boring, lifeless, (dare I say f-t) housewife. I now feel like a hot classy looking yummy mummy. (By the way, my husband needs serious work - do you do men). Jokes aside, thank-you very much for everything.

    I cant wait to do winter with you.


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    What ensures that you will learn all these benefits?

    Cindy is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about style and fashion, however, it takes much more than just understanding and working with style and fashion to be a good personal stylist.

    It is having a deep understanding on how to best dress all body shapes, how to appropriately create a style to match personality and age, it is also having an understanding of colour and how it interacts with a persons complexion.


    A natural sensitive and caring nature with experience on how to help people with self confidence, self image and body shape issues.

    That is what makes a successful personal stylist and this is where Cindy shines and what makes her the highly regarded and successful personal fashion stylist she is.

    Cindy places extra emphasis on listening to her client's problems with genuine intent to understand what is going on for them so that the outcome is exactly what they want and need.

    This is so important that Cindy makes sure, through her stylist courses and mentoring her team of stylists, that they are all well skilled in this area.

    Together with Cindy's unique styling system and her endless energy, she delivers results that have her clients raving about the difference it has made to their lives and just how good they feel about their new found skill at achieving and maintaining a style that both suits their body shape and lifestyle day after day with minimum effort.

    "My self-esteem is at an all time high and my friends are in total admiration for my new look. Thank you Cindy!"


    "I saw in the mirror the old me starting to come back. Instead of the frump, I saw the sassy, confident, slim woman staring back at me in the reflection!"


    "I felt totally supported and safe with you. It was a very sensitive and personal experience for me to go through this process as you may be aware. You were professional, kind and demonstrated upmost integrity"


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    Did you know our identity is linked to the way we dress, the way we present ourselves in all areas of life and the way others perceive us?

    What is your Image & style telling the world about yourself?

    Image and personal presentation is so important in business, personal relationships & social events, the first impression that you have on people can mean the difference in a door opening or closing on an opportunity that could bring success into both your business and/or personal lives.

    Get this right and it will start you off on the right foot in any relationship.

    Dear Cindy,

    It's one week down the track and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience I have had with you!

    I have enjoyed mixing up my new clothes and have stepped out feeling confident and more importantly so happy with how I look - a feeling that I haven't had day-after-day for a long time!!!

    My hair has also been done and Leah was fantastic!!! So, a brand new me! I have had so many comments - even on the first night after shopping I had a stranger come up to me at swimming and ask where I got my boots from!!!!

    Most of all I think I have my self esteem back about how I present myself - and that is actually the best bit of all - and priceless!!!

    I wish you the very best in delivering what is such a fantastic service!


    Do You Want To Change Your Look?

    Do you want to empower yourself by learning how to bring the best out in yourself and gain confidence with choosing clothes that make you look stylish and elegant whether casual or formal?

    Do you wish you knew how to dress for her body shape, age and colours and how to layer and accessorise so you feel more confident and less anxious when shopping?

    Would you like to have the right pieces in your wardrobe so you can mix and match and be able to easily put combinations together including accessories that look amazing every time without stress & time?

    Cindy's Melbourne personal stylist consultancy has been dedicated in assisting people to develop a style and wardrobe that suits their body shape and aligns with their true identity for over 13 years.

    How We Can Help You

    We teach you how to dress for your body shape, personality, age and colours. We show you what to wear and what not to wear along with fashion tips that best suit your personality and age.

    Our Wardrobe makeover service helps sort your wardrobe so you get the most from your clothes.

    Our Personal shopper service takes the pain out of shopping and prevents you from making fashion mistakes.

    Cindy also teaches those who wish to be a fashion stylist by showing how to become a personal stylist with our hands on Fashion Stylist Courses

    Style with Cindy can help you by:

    Advising & teaching the styles, cut, fabric and shapes that accentuate your best features.

    Working with you to find the style that you are both comfortable and confident with, while helping you achieve what you want both professionally and socially

    Improving self confidence and assisting with low body image.

    Topping up wardrobes for new season looks with simple accessories and fashion

    Helping find and put together special outfits for special occasions

    Spending less time shopping for clothes

    Saving money by buying smart while achieving the look desired resulting in spending less but having more to wear.

    Finding the hidden treasures in existing wardrobes

    Feeling good & looking great

    • Do you wish you could be like the stylish women you see in magazines and on TV?
    • Do you have friends or work colleagues who seem to make looking great easy?
    • Do you ask yourself "how do they do it"?
    • Is the way you feel about yourself preventing you from getting what you want in life?

    Whatever challengers you face Cindy has designed a range of Personal Stylist Services that will help you find the answers and also guarantee's that body shape, being super-busy, raising a family and having a clothes budget still means you can dress with style and look beautiful!

    Makeover your style and image with the best personal stylist Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney has to offer.

    Don't put off the opportunity to feel fantastic about yourself till tomorrow when you can Contact us now and get started today.

    Give us a call for a no obligation chat and we will give you the best options from our Personal Stylist Services and our team of stylists that will suit you best. 0407 851 584